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M.E.I'S :D [May. 26th, 2008|02:31 pm]

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The rights [May. 24th, 2008|10:31 pm]
[Location, |Home]
[Feeling, |restlessrestless]

You wouldnt believe the number of common interest Cheryl and i have man (: We're totally like twins. And coincidently, she bought the very thing i wanted to get from a blogshop. :D Chats with her are totally love. A new friend found, aww she's gonna be my greatest shopping buddy ever.

So here are the number of stuffs i wanna get so desperately, since GSS is here :D

In lady size and shade white.

Mac Cosmetics
Emporio Armani
Yahoo Search
Yahoo Search
Anna Sui

Urgh, all require huge amount of moolahs! :'(
Dampen my mood so badly man!
If only i'm freaking rich, urgh, if only!


Please, i'd do anything. Just make sure she's safe and sound.
P/S: If i had prayed harder, would you ...
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Manic [May. 24th, 2008|04:57 pm]
[Location, |Home]
[Feeling, |crazycrazy]

Time : 4.59PM
Hell, i'm suppose to be studying. But i'm stuck on my mum's bed, enjoying the air-con, sipping my hot milo and enjoying life.
I was studying Econs before meeting baby up for lunch and then when i got back, i just wasnt in the mood. Hey, how in the world do you study POA without the feel/need to huh? In simple terms, let's just say; I got carried away.
(This post doesnt make sense, i know.)

Sososo, baby's out shopping and i'm at home doing nothing and wasting time here. I so wanna get my butt outta here and shop till i like drop dead or something. (I'm typing like i'm crapping but i'm serious.) GSS is here, omg. But CT is also here. One word for me: DIE!
I have very high expectations of myself (who doesnt?! But then again, i doubt some whores dont. No offence to anybody). I want at least a 3.5/4, is it too much to ask for?!?!
So, i like need to get back to my books NOW.

Hmm maybe after 1 more hour of chilling out? :D
I have one whole study/e-learning week to study just 4units of 3 subj!!
:D :D :D

I'm talking to myself.
Please just ignore this crappy post.
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Once upon a time in love. [May. 21st, 2008|01:41 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Location, |Home]
[Feeling, |contemplativecontemplative]

Hey there, first of all i have to scream: HAPPY 32ND ANNIVERSARY DARLING! :D
Sorry that i cant spend time with you due to POA's make-up lecture :'(
Right, fast fast. Heading over to Bukit Timah's Pizza Hut soon with my classmates.
We skipped BMGT's lecture and so nice Inez drove us to SIM again. So here i am updating my lj from SIM's library.
(: Got to run.

Oh anyway, some freak just added J last night! Haha.
And my one of my classmates hate that irritating guy too, cheers.


Okyas, i'm feeling soooooo tired now. I just feel like chilling out on Mel's rocking chair (because she's always talking abt how she chills on hers -.-), sip Starbucks Java Chip Frap and have Cafe Cartel's Oreo Cheesecake. Hmm... life's good. :D

Oh Mel, dont forget our plan alright! Cant wait, teeheehee.

So anyway, had good food to mumm this afternoon after SIM's corn soup (yucky) and watermelon juice. The cheese and rice made me feel like i had a taste of heaven. Celebrated Shen Ming's birthday and all. Had a really nice chat with Cheryl on the way back to school. Omg, i didnt know we had so much in common! (:

Bus ride and dinner with J was as amazing as sitting on a rainbow amongst the fluffs of clouds. As usual. Sorry for the cheesy choice of description heh.

Holy mother shit. My contacts are drying my eyes up. I think i need the beauty sleep soon. Long day tmr. Proj discussion for Friday's LMS lesson &meeting J up after his skates or something.

Cant wait for my F21 sandals to arrive, glee.
And should i get Emporio Armani's new fragrance Diamonds or not?
Tell me, tell me. :D
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Hectic [May. 20th, 2008|09:21 pm]
[Location, |Home]
[Feeling, |sleepysleepy]

Monday, 19/05/08
Outing with J(:
What happens in Vegas is a good movie. Hilarious, touching and all. My funny bone was tickled. So anyway i know i'm a slowpoke. This movie came out like weeks ago. Haha. Shopping as usual; loved the hugs and kisses, loved the smile and laughter and jokes, love my J. Like always :D
So things happened, tears shed, smile spread but all in all i loved the day, loved the time i was able to spend with you, loved the love you shower me with. I know i'm childish and always acting cute but aww.... i love you deep deep baby (:

Ok back to today:
I reached school at 0815 this morning, paranoid late-queen me thought i'd better arrive earlier in school to prevent from being late for DSS quiz. Summing it up;
DSS - Hands on quiz was a fiasco. I bet i'm gonna scored like 10/50. Oh sheat, goodluck to me.
POA - Quiz was alright 35/50. But still, i could have done better.

I was dressed like a total emo today.
Black Polo Tee - checked
Buttons up - checked
Skinny Jeans - checked
Shoes/Pumps - checked
Long hair down - checked
Hair covering face - checked
Eyeliner - checked (thank god it's smudge-proof, or else i'd really look like an emo-shit)

K time to crash now. EYEBAGS!!
:((((((((( URGH!

<3 P/S: Goodnight love. IHEARTSYOU(:
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Moodswings [May. 17th, 2008|11:19 am]
[Location, |Home]
[Feeling, |hyperhyper]

Last night's study was still alright. Managed to finish one unit (:
K dinner was fun. We were reminiscing about our secondary lives and laughing away.
Food could have been better if it wasnt for ____ .

Bus ride home with J was as great as ever. Loved the sleep on his shoulders, hehe.

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A fair share. [May. 14th, 2008|12:00 pm]
[Location, |Lt 45]
[Feeling, |ecstaticecstatic]
[Music, |Some random song the lecturer's playing.]

Alright, firstly i have to thank Inez for driving us to the lecture theatre and preventing us from being drenched! (:
No bus ride home together though.

Looking forward to lunch, i'm starving now!
I want good food, yumyum (:


Hey there, i'm over at J's place slacking away and praying that my v9 can be fully charged asap so i can turn off my darling who is, unfortunately, dying soon on me.
K J's playing songs on his new phone (N95,8GB). The speakers are damn powerful. The songs are really clear, best for rock songs (which we he indulges himself in haha) (: Cool huh. Baby i want your phone, gimme &get a new one?!?! :DDD Nah, jk. I love my v9, love love love it (though it's functions are a total turn off).

Eeeeeek i didnt have good food today :( Alumni's baked rice was disgusting and cheeseless OMG. Never eat there. The cheese on the top layer was superduper hard (ask fel ask fel!). Still, Pizza Hut's baked rice is rated number one for my tastebuds. Should have just went over to SIM for lunch instead. (Mei's getting hungry again.)

TPP &ELISE! Let's meet up soon alright(: Miss you girls &the forever good food you bring me to dine in haha :D

So anyway, Inez was our mummy today. Fetching us to Lt, then bringing us over to Alumni and getting food for us. Haha(: Damn cute right hahah :DD Thanks la huh mummy. Mel &i were laughing at some really hilarious scene LOLS. Kind of difficult to explain it here, but the aunty's face looked very, very amusing.

So, i played a good girl role today and saved money on cab. Took a bus down to J's place instead BUT tmr's gonna be worst. Ha, i'm going shopping yay! :D

K i'm gonna end with something very expected.
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(no subject) [May. 13th, 2008|03:54 pm]
[Location, |Lt 24]
[Feeling, |highhigh]

My eye mask isnt working :'(((

I need to go shopping (again!). And get more bagsss and clothings. I'm like forever whining about these lols.
On the other hand, i need to cut down on shopping. It's time consuming and i need time to really seat down and study!

Lunch at SIM was as delicious and as filling as ever.
I don't look like i'm from npcc right?!?! It seems so. 'Cos everyone seem to be shocked from hearing it.
Blah -.- I love having fun under the sun as much as i love being fair. Kind of ironic, but yea it's true.
I know i'm weird. WHATEVER. :D But seriously, i love being fair. Makes me feel really good. (:

They're trying to come back, all my senses push
Un-tie the weight bags, I never thought I could...
Steady feet, don't fail me now
Gonna run till you can't walk
But something pulls my focus out
And I'm standing down...
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Pulsing. [May. 12th, 2008|04:10 pm]
[Location, |Our Space@72]
[Feeling, |cheerfulcheerful]

Mummy must have got me the cheapest birthday gift ever, but who cares about the price. I love it :DDD
Mothers' Day celebration last night at PS. Had Cafe Cartel for dinner. My set meal was still alright, a little like KFC though.  Mum's Pork Ribs were simply delicious and mouth-watering! I'm going to have it the next time i'm having dinner there! :DDD

So anyway, met J for bus ride to school this morning. Awww... he was so sweet. Knowing that i was hungry from skipping breakfast, he got me some :D Loves. K and i made him really mad on the bus :( A thousand apologies, i know i'm in the wrong k? Don't be mad at me anymore?! iloveyoudeepdeep (:

:( :( :( I cant make themes for my new phone! And the skin inside are horrendous. Somebody please send me a website where i can dl motorola themes yea?!?!

I owe you guys one alright!!! (:
(I got forced! So never go against these two man. Hahaha).

Fel's not coming to teach me POA already :(
So i guess i have to go home and struggle with it again. Urgh!

Bus ride home with J (:
Things just get better when i'm with you.
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Mothers' Day. [May. 11th, 2008|03:19 pm]
[Location, |Home]
[Feeling, |exanimateexanimate]

Had Mother's Day celebration-cum-Grams bday celebration over at Grams place ytd. Lots of fun and joy. The toddlers there were bursting with energy and so very cute (like always). :DD Loved the enjoyment.

So, today i'm struggling with POA again. The terms and applications of it are confusing me. URGH! Heard there's gonna be a test on them as well. Somebody just save me! Blaw quiz tmr, just need to pull up my socks for LOC 2 and i'm done. DSS is killing me as well. Roar. :(
Mei is an unhappy girl today.
Oh except for the fact that i might be able to get my V9 today. Might  :D Hehe.

Idk how to describe it now. Maybe i should have just let you go.
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